Liebster Award Nomination!

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks – I apologise for the lack of blogging (again)!! A lot has happened since my last post. If you check out my blog you’ll see that I’ve been selected to be a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!!! Whooop! This basically means that I get to represent GGS in […]

This is still a learning curve for me! “Falling off the wagon” as they would say, every now and then… Our relationship with food is very complicated. It’s not just biological but psychological too. How many magazines or newspapers or blogs do you see referencing that 3pm vending machine pilgrimage?? Lots and lots I’m guessing! […]

After whipping up a bunch of quinoa on a whim last night, I decided I had better find a decent recipe for it! I wanted something a little sweet that would see me through the first week back at work after the bank holiday weekend. Those 4pm afternoon slumps are going to need a little […]

The Result: Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

This smoothie recipe was my first and still my favourite smoothie recipe. It has transformed over time but essentially, its sweet strawberries and banana. This recipe used to always do the trick when I was a busy uni student trying to split my time between studying and drinking! There was the odd run thrown in […]

Buzz word alert!? Green smoothie… You probably hear lots of people brag about how they were ahead of the nutrition curve and smoothing every green object they could before it became the new fad… Well, I actually was! Albeit a process before I managed to swap pink (strawberries & banana) in for green, I can […]

Rower Training

Happy Easter guys! This morning J & me were up and out early down the gym to make the most of our Bank Holiday Friday! We combined some workout time, social time and some coffee time all into one! Even though its a long weekend, a bank holiday “relaxing time” weekend, it doesn’t mean your […]

Today’s Workout Still trying to get back at it after having some time off! Today I went for a little warm up jog outside to lift my heart rate. I kept it between 160-170 the whole way. This is the fat burning zone. If you can add in a couple of sprints to get it […]