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Rome in Spring

We finally made it to our apartment and it is beautiful! Here’s a picture (apparently we “lost” the other ones…): I started staying in rented apartments after being unable to find a hotel/hostel in Paris. A friend recommended a place that she stayed in and it was the best thing I ever did. You stay […]

Eating clean in Rome

Reporting From Roma?!

I’m taking you on tour! What better place is there to illustrate how easy it can be to stick to clean than the home place of pizza and pasta?! Notice I say ‘can be’… Over the next weekend, I promise to be 100% truthful about my clean eats, treats and cheats! Not only will you […]

Camping Clean Review

We have returned from the great wilderness, back on the grid and once again attached to our devices. We really needed the time away from “civilisation” to revitalise ourselves. I’d like to say that wild camping is very relaxing and easy but it’s far from it! Stretching your limits and pushing you to the brink […]

Let's Go Camping!

Camping Wild, Eating Clean

It’s Tuesday, my first Running Clean post, morning session down the gym complete, the kit has been gathered and the food has been foraged, now just to prepare and cook it all up! My plan for the day was to go shopping, come home and relax with some Star Wars or The Dark Knight after preparing […]