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Steak & Fish - Eating Out

Over Half Way…

I know my daily post of foods and feelings have been pretty sporadic at the very least! My only excuse, the 30 days has sent me on a roll-a-coster of energy. I have no idea from one moment to the next whether I’m going to be sky high or asleep on the couch! Today for […]

Paleo Reset / Whole 30: Day 2

Paleo Reset / Whole 30: Day 2

Pretty tired today! Managed to switch off two alarms and nearly miss my morning training session at Storm Gym! But I didn’t… I got my butt out of bed, seen what a beautiful day it was and took advantage. I didn’t feel so groggy, which is a big improvement for me. Although, I’m sure I […]

My Paleo Meals - Whole 30

Paleo Reset / Whole 30: Day 1

So I have a small confession to make. I made the decision to start the Paleo reset last week, I can’t remember which day exactly, but ended up having a pizza on one of the days so decided to start again. This is officially – Paleo Reset Day 1 (aka Whole 30) The best thing […]

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover: Broccoli Smoothie

Buzz word alert!? Green smoothie… You probably hear lots of people brag about how they were ahead of the nutrition curve and smoothing every green object they could before it became the new fad… Well, I actually was! Albeit a process before I managed to swap pink (strawberries & banana) in for green, I can […]


It’s simple really

I know that a lot of the time, in order to eat clean or Paleo or healthy, you have to be really prepared and organised. I combat this by making sure that my cupboards are always stocked with easy cook basics. Eggs, fish, salad and vegetables! Armed with these, some spices and my trusty steamer […]