Paleo Reset / Whole 30: Day 2

Pretty tired today! Managed to switch off two alarms and nearly miss my morning training session at Storm Gym! But I didn’t…

I got my butt out of bed, seen what a beautiful day it was and took advantage. I didn’t feel so groggy, which is a big improvement for me. Although, I’m sure I look just as tired.

It been pretty tough turning down a fresh cup of coffee every morning too. Everyone around me drinking it and me sipping on plain old water. Black coffee is something that is permitted on the Reset but within reason. I don’t think me downing an extra strong Bosnian style mug everyday counts as drinking ‘moderately’… Unfortunately.

I was pretty tired driving to work too. Not sure if this was because of the sunshine in my eyes or lack of caffeine in my life! I’m going to go with the latter.

Woke up during the rest of the day, didn’t seem to get the afternoon slump and still have very good mental clarity typing up this blog now! All in all, it seems to be working. The mental clarity is the best bit for me. Usually, I’m just confused a lot 🙂

Anyway, down to the good stuff!


I managed to be really prepared for work this morning. Even had time to make a green smoothie for me and J.. Only to realise when I got to work that I had forgotten the tin of tuna I usually have with my avocado for breakfast! I was so peeved. I didn’t have time to go to the shop on the way or anything either, so instead, a lovely work colleague donated a banana to the poor Nicola fund.

Paleo Breakfast: Banana & Avocado

Paleo Breakfast: Banana & Avocado


I split my lunch into two parts today as I would usually (when I have time to make a green smoothie). At about 11.30/12pm I begin to drink my green smoothie, roughly about 750ml of it. And then a couple hours later, probably around 2.30/3pm ish, I have my actual lunch. Today this was left over Nando’s chicken and salad.

I do this because I usually workout straight after work or pretty close to when I get home. Eating an actual meal fuels me enough to train hard and then get home with enough energy to get some dinner afterward.

Paleo Lunch Part 1: Green Smoothie

Paleo Lunch Part 1: Green Smoothie

Paleo Lunch Part 2: Chicken Salad

Paleo Lunch Part 2: Chicken Salad


I decided to mix it up this evening, whilst I still had this extra energy from somewhere!

I checked out the recipes in the Chris Kresser book and found what sounded like an amazing pork one! Pork chop with apple & onion gravy with asparagus. Sounded fantastic! And it didn’t disappoint either!

I chucked some steamed carrots on the side of mine too – I seem to have an obsession with them at the moment. Not sure why, just so tasty and delicious! This really was so good that it felt like it was bad. And really very easy to make – I think it took me about 30/40 mins in total and that was taking my time with it. I’m going to post the recipe up here over the next couple of days so make sure you check it out. I’d give it a 5 star rating (if I do say so myself!).

Paleo Dinner: Pork Chop with apple and onion gravy with veg

Paleo Dinner: Pork Chop with apple and onion gravy with veg


I tried to cut down on fruit today. I think I’ve probably been hitting my maximum allowance, so I wanted to make sure that I gave my body a rest from the sugar. Don’t get me wrong!! I’m not condemning fruit to the garbage can! All I’m saying is that I am pretty sensitive to sugar and I want to make sure that my blood sugar levels stay consistent. That and I break out in spots if I have to much – nobody wants that!

Today, snacks were an apple and a tangerine. I only have a picture of the tangerine… I’m sure you can imagine the apple 😉

Paleo Snack: Tangerine

Paleo Snack: Tangerine

Tomorrow I am out of the office at meetings and an event in the afternoon/evening. It’s going to be an occasion where I’ll be eating on the go so you’ll have plenty of tips on how to do this after I blog about it (which will probably be Friday morning realistically!). I will also be attending a meal  with work colleagues too. Trying to make a Paleo friendly choice without drawing too much attention will be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes?!

Are you taking part in the Paleo/Whole 30 reset? Let me knwo how you are getting on!




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  1. Well done , my inspiration lol had a good day yesturday too, we had a pork onion pepper and courgette combo, very nice, I used bouillon stock, not sure that should be used , but better than those nasty gravey granules @

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