Paleo Reset / Whole 30: Day 1

So I have a small confession to make. I made the decision to start the Paleo reset last week, I can’t remember which day exactly, but ended up having a pizza on one of the days so decided to start again.

This is officially – Paleo Reset Day 1 (aka Whole 30)

The best thing about this eating plan is that there’s no requirement to count calories or macronutrients or anything in general really. The Paleo diet is simply stripping the foods you eat right back to the basics. You mainly consume meat (lots of red meat), eggs, lots of vegetables, a smaller portion of fruit and lots of water!

What could be easier?!

Well, for one thing, Chris Kresser advises anyone with an autoimmune disease (such as coeliac disease – like me!) to also strip out eggs and nightshade vegetables… That’s basically all of my breakfast recipes and pre-cooked snacks out of the window!

I love making mini egg muffins and frittata for breakfast and to snack on as pre/post workout snacks. Chris points out that if you already have an intolerance or sensitivity to certain foods, then its best to cut them all out until you are in a position to slowly add them back to your diet. This way you are able to identify if you have any adverse side effects that you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. Its about taking the time to reflect on your body and decide for yourself what is good and bad for it.

Day 1, I found myself pretty groggy and struggling to focus in the afternoon. I didn’t get the 3pm craving that we all talk about so often and was able to resist the vending machine when a couple of my colleagues went. However, I was definitely watching the clock in the latter part of the afternoon which never happens! At work, there is always so much to do and different projects that were working on, there is really hardly ever a time when you are sat bored or without something to do.

Later in the evening I felt pretty tired and struggled to concentrate but did manage to hold a pretty decent conversation over dinner with the girls (Paleo dinner of course!). I’m hoping that this tiredness will help me sleep well tonight – training starts sharp @ 6am tomorrow morning!


Without eggs, I’m pretty stuck with a tin of tuna and avocado at the moment. There are plenty of other options out there but I haven’t had the time to research them yet. You also get recipe and meal plans in the ‘Your Personal Paleo Plan’ book but I haven’t got to that part yet…

I simply tip out one tin of John West no drain tuna and mix it up with half an avocado. You can add some lemon juice and apple cider vinegar – that’s pretty tasty!

Paleo Breakfast: Avocado & Tuna

Paleo Breakfast: Avocado & Tuna


I would usually have a green smoothie at about 11/11.30am but today… something funny happened. When I opened it, there was a funny smell, so I decided to give it a miss. Instead I had some fruit, a couple of grapes and a tangerine!

About 1pm I then had some grilled chicken thighs with rocket, spinach and watercress accompanied by plain beetroot and half an avocado. Just thinking now, I’m pretty sure that beetroot is a nightshade veg… It’s ok, it’s ok! Google says no – it’s actually a goosefoot vegetable (whatever that might be?).

After this I finished it off with a banana and plum! You are only supposed to have a maximum of 4 portions of fruit during this time. I’m pretty close to the mark here!

Paleo Lunch: Grilled Chicken with Salad

Paleo Lunch: Grilled Chicken with Salad


Dinner with the girls tonight! I could easily have said, you know what I think i’ll start this tomorrow or in fact I’m sure it’s the law that you can only start healthy eating on a Monday! But I didn’t. I stuck with it because I want this to be something incorporated into my lifestyle!

Dinner was flame grilled chicken and salad again, with a side of chicken wings to top it off!

Don’t worry – not every day is filled with chicken! Although, I have tonights left overs for lunch tomorrow! Ha – I did not eat a whole chicken in one sitting. We shared it (I had about a quarter) and I took the rest home!

Paleo Dinner: Flame Grilled Chicken & Salad

Paleo Dinner: Flame Grilled Chicken & Salad


I had a couple more grapes when I got home and lots of water ready for bed and training in the morning!

I’m still getting used to this taking pictures of my food so you have a lovely image of the leftovers for now 🙂

Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks


Hope you guys are finding this useful! Let me know what healthy lifestyle works for you – do you prefer Clean Eating, Paleo, Weight Watchers? Tell us why?





  1. I’m a vegetarian and try to eat pretty clean. Paleo diets aren’t really meant for vegetarians. I need to have grains and dairy. I would be starving! Hope it works well for you. Good luck!

    1. Hi Deborah, my boyfriend is a vegetarian also and he definitely struggles with options for meals. I think beans and lentil get a little boring for him sometimes. I’ll have to send him over to your blog too! Thanks for the well wishes.

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