Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover: Broccoli Smoothie

Buzz word alert!? Green smoothie

You probably hear lots of people brag about how they were ahead of the nutrition curve and smoothing every green object they could before it became the new fad… Well, I actually was!

Albeit a process before I managed to swap pink (strawberries & banana) in for green, I can now proudly state that I am a green smoothie advocate! That still enjoys the odd fruity goodness. You want to have maybe one or two pieces of fruit and the rest veg – at least 3 pieces I would say for a successful green smoothie.

I was even pretty shocked to see this week that Whole Foods based most of their green smoothie on fruit rather than vegetables. You’d think that, in a place with all their resources, they could make the most bitter vegetable taste great!


The main thing you need to learn about the green smoothie is that, unless you have a Vitamix/Blendtec, you will need to extract the juice from the veggies first.

But what about the fibre?? I hear you gasp…
Fibre is contained within food in order to extract the nutrients from it. If the nutrients (contained in the juice of many fruits and veg) have already been extracted, you will need less of it. The fibre in many foods (mostly processed ones) is insoluble, meaning it doesn’t have any benefit to your body. In other words, you’ll be fine. You will still have plenty of fibre in your body even when juicing!

Juicing the vegetables removes the bitter tasting shell and leaves you with a sweet, tasty liquid.

Here’s one of the vegetable based smoothies I use all the time. And I promise you, it tastes great!


I have purposely used grams as a measurement here rather than listing vegetables and fruit. I find that when I have used other people recipes, I am left with a tiny bit of juice and wondering if that is what they intended…

I like big juice and I can not lie!!

So my recipe will have a little more substance to it (rightly or wrongly!)

Serves 1

150g Broccoli
120g Cucumber
80g Spinach
80g Sugar Snap Peas
220g Apples
Chunk of Ginger (to taste!)
1/2 Lime (or a whole of if you prefer the taste)
1/2 Avocado
30g Good Hemp Protein
2 tbsp Udo’s Oil
Mint (to taste)



1. Juice all vegetables and fruit except avocado and mint.

I would usually cut the apples in half and squeeze the spinach I between them in order to extract the most amount of juice.
You can either juice the cucumber as instructed or you can put it in the blender in step 2. Lots of people struggle with “bits”. If you are one of these people then I would suggest juicing over blending. Same with spinach.

2. Blend the extracted juice with the avocado, mint, Udo’s Oil and Good Hemp protein powder.

You can exclude the protein if you like. Due to my hectic personal & training schedule, I always make sure I include it. It’s really important to feed your muscles with the best quality protein available and hemp is the most natural and beneficial type on the market to date. Same goes for Udo’s Oil, they are both very beneficial to you but not essential if you are on a budget.

This usually makes between 500-750ml of juice for me, which I would quantify as one “meal”.


Send in your pics! Let us know how you get on and if you make any tasty adjustments of your own!




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