Inner & Outer Thigh

Happy Easter guys!

This morning J & me were up and out early down the gym to make the most of our Bank Holiday Friday!

We combined some workout time, social time and some coffee time all into one! Even though its a long weekend, a bank holiday “relaxing time” weekend, it doesn’t mean your training needs to suffer. You can fit it all in, all you need is a little planning. Think about it, consider your goals and stay focused!

So, what did we do today?

After a pretty tough week of morning sessions in the gym, I decided to stay away from the treadmill/running and mix it up. Cue the ROWER. The rower and I aren’t the best of friends, its been a long and rocky relationship. I’ve mostly focused on running and improving my mental strength to overcome long distances so when I change it up and use a different piece of equipment, it’s like starting that process all over again!

I’ve included some metrics at the bottom of the screen explaining what to look at on the rowers display for the newbies (I’m still pretty new to it myself!).

Rowing is GREAT for your bum!!! Trust me, if you try this workout, your glutes will be burning. Just keep on rowing! Don’t stop if it becomes uncomfortable. Only stop if you are injured (which is very, very unlikely to happen with this workout). If it’s burning deep deep down inside the muscle, it means its working!

But don’t take my word for it! Hear Arnie tell you himself: If It Burns It Grows!

Today’s Workout

Pyramid Rower Workout – Level 10

Keeping your pace/500m around 2:00

Row:  250m
Rest:  15 seconds
Row:  500m
Rest: 30 seconds
Row: 750m
Rest: 45 seconds
Row: 1000m
Rest: 1 minute
Row: 1000m
Rest: 45 seconds
Row: 750m
Rest: 30 seconds
Row: 500m
Rest: 15 seconds
Row: 250m

What do the numbers on a rower mean?

What do the numbers on a rower mean?

Weight Circuit

Even though the rower is something like weight training with all the resistance against your arms and legs, I decided to add a little extra on the end for my bum and thighs. When I weight train, I also add in some push ups and a couple of minutes practicing the plank. My strength in both these areas is lacking so I try to squeeze it in as much as I can.

3 Rounds:

10 x full push ups
10 x pelvis raises (w/10kg added weight)
10 x side bends (each side – w/10kg added weight)
20 x inner thigh leg lifts (weighted – but I’m not sure what weight I used…)
20 x outer thigh leg lifts (weighted – but I’m not sure what weight I used…)
1 minute plank

Try the above and let me know how you get on! Should only take you roughly 60 minutes (if that) but by all means, if you are just starting out, then take a little longer. Likewise for those of you pro athletes – this could be completed in half the time!




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