Rome in Spring

We finally made it to our apartment and it is beautiful! Here’s a picture (apparently we “lost” the other ones…):


I started staying in rented apartments after being unable to find a hotel/hostel in Paris. A friend recommended a place that she stayed in and it was the best thing I ever did. You stay mostly in residential areas with the locals and are able to find out so much more about the city you’re staying in!

Let’s do a little shout out for:

Anne Bromberger: Paris, 146 bd Perreire, 75017


Diana & Tommaso: Rome, 39 Borgo Pio, 00193

Breakfast was the same everyday. A big bowl of fruit, yoghurt and nuts with a side of 2 whole scrambled eggs cooked in olive oil. I could happily have this for breakfast every day, lots of protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates!


For lunch and dinner I stuck to lumps of meat and vegetables, the best food I’ve tried in quite some time! I’m coming to the realisation that, unless you buy your food from local markets in England, all your getting is a plate of preservatives and growth agents. Over here in Rome, it’s obvious that not only is it common sense to eat good food (and by good I mean nutritious), it’s encouraged. Lots of traditional families still eat dinner together and everything shuts for the famous siesta. Taking time to socialise and eat together… Revolutionary!

Parma ham, strips of beef, roasted lamb, lots and lots of artichoke (my fave!), spinach, broccoli and salad.

This is pretty much the extent of every meal and I loved it!


Treats consisted of lots of wine (I treated myself seems as I hardly ever drink and it probably had something to do with a litre being considered a small bottle!) and a little dessert (mostly a couple scoops of ice cream).


Another obvious difference between Italy and England, they are not hung up on aesthetics the way we are. Great tasting food doesn’t need to look perfect. This is what real food actually looks like when it’s not on a supermarket shelf!!


All in all, I absolutely recommend Italy as a destination for anyone trying to stay clean! If you have the will power to avoid the pizza and pasta, you will have the opportunity to try sooo many great tasting foods.

And if I can recommend one place that you absolutely must experience it is Trastevere. It’s where all the locals hang out and where the best food and drinks are served up! Live jazz music and just a brilliant atmosphere in general. We loved it 🙂

Travelled anywhere you’d like to give us tips on? Let us know!



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