Reporting From Roma?!

I’m taking you on tour!

What better place is there to illustrate how easy it can be to stick to clean than the home place of pizza and pasta?! Notice I say ‘can be’…
Over the next weekend, I promise to be 100% truthful about my clean eats, treats and cheats! Not only will you see how you can still stay on the wagon whilst away but it will also hold me accountable to my goals. This is a lifestyle after all and it takes time to break habits of a life time and teach an old dog new tricks.

So to begin with, for breakfast, the only place open was a little French Fusion place called Balzar. Sounds amazing, right? It was basically just sandwiches. You can imagine my disappointment! It was easy for me not to cave because avoiding gluten is a must for me. My order was (a tiny plate) bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato. The waitress though I was nuts and I’m sure the chef wandered out of his kitchen to see if I was suffering from anorexia or something of sorts.

Luckily, I had spent all night Tuesday baking paleo goodies that would stay appetizing. The amount of times I have pre-cooked meals only to go completely off them on the road! I made sure these were very tasty and did my best to keep them well.

The recipes were:
Paleo Blueberry Muffins
Paleo Carrot Cake Pancakes


Both recipes I had on my list to try for a good while but never managed to “find time”. What perfect excuse than a relaxing trip to Rome?!
Meal planning can be very time consuming but making sacrifices for your health will always be worth it.

Well, all I have to report other than that is two lovely coffees with cream (a little treat) and some well deserved sunshine and warmth! Can’t wait to get to our apartment!!



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