Motivational Monday with Fauja Singh

Locally residing Fauja Singh is today’s motivational Monday star!

The worlds oldest runner! It almost sounds like a circus attraction. Lots of people would probably still think this is true today… An old man running, surely that can’t be good for anyone’s health!

Well, it is, and very good too.

Name: Fauja Singh


Fauja Singh

  • Started running at 80 years old
  • Began running to beat the boredom of retirement
  • Holds 8 world records for running
  • A sponsored athlete by Adidas
  • Gave his sponsorship money from Adidas to charity, in its entirety!
  • Runs between 8-10 miles a day
  • Eats a simple vegetarian diet

What’s your excuses again..?

Check him out here:



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