Saturday Morning with Rhino

In the absence of our usual trainer at Storm Gym, we had the pleasure of being beasted by coach Rhino! And when I say we, I mean me and J… That’s it?!


Today’s circuit: It’s all about the bench press!

5 stations – 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg barbells in a circle

3 x Circuit
10 secs at station 1 (10kg)
10 Jumping Squats
20 secs at station 2 (15kg)
10 Jumping Squats
30 secs at station 3 (20kg)
10 Jumping Squats
40 secs at station 4 (25kg)
10 Jumping Squats
50 secs at station 5 (30kg)
10 Jumping Squats
60 secs at station 1 (10kg)
45 second rest

You can mix the stations up, starting at a higher or lower weight (the above isn’t prescriptive). On the lighter weights try and make it about speed and on the heavier weights try and focus on technique. Or if you’re struggling like me, just focus on moving your arms in any way! What ever you do just breath and keep moving!! Get someone to spot you if you have that luxury!

J and I followed this up with a 10 minute round of MMA in the cage!
It’s amazing what technique comes back to you in the moment.
Perfect practice makes perfect!

How to make this work at home
There’s no need to start investing loads of money in barbells – Use your body weight!

Here’s some varying incline push ups you can substitute instead of barbells

With a fraction of your body weight: How to video here


With almost half your body weight: How to video here


With all your body weight: How to video here


With more than your body weight: How to video here (ignore the knee tuck! Unless you want to try it, then go ahead!)


Don’t forget the jumping squats in between!

To finish off the morning, I’ll be topping up on the protein with a banana & strawberry smoothie (recipe to follow) and a well earned Americano at Costa!

Tell me if you try the workout? How did you make your Saturday Morning count?



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