What I Ate Wednesday

Well, seems as time completely flew away from me again yesterday, I am going to have to present you with what I ate on today instead.

I apologise for the lack of images in this one! I’m afraid you’re going to have to settle with My Fitness Pal instead. On the plus side, this will give you a look at the amount of calories I eat and how I split that out into carbs, proteins and fats!


As you can tell, I try to build most of my meals around a good solid protein source. My body in particular reacts well to protein. I feel full but not too heavy or bloated (which many people can confuse with a feeling of fullness).
Vegetables are another staple in my diet! I sometimes run low on time to get these cooked up so what il do instead is buy a whole broccoli, chop it up really small and eat raw. Tastes very good! Although, for the ‘normal’ palette, it may take some getting used to. During the summer I eat quite a lot of raw foods – just like a salad but with a few veg thrown in to mix it up!

From my calories at the bottom you can see that I did go over my allocation of sugar for the day. I find it really difficult to cut out sugar completely so I try to keep my sources as natural as possible. Fresh fruits, dried fruits and the odd bit of honey mostly. I’m not too concerned about these sources of sugar because they’re not processed by the body in the same way the chemical derived sugars are (I’m talking about the ones on the back of the packets that you probably can’t even pronounce – Dextrose, High-fructose corn syrup, Sucrose etc etc). In any form, sugar is a simple carbohydrate that should be treated with caution.

It’s all about making the right, informed decisions. Not a diet!!!

Here’s the one picture I did manage to get! My scrumptious dinner:





  1. Lol, reading these now, I am just a mere baby starter , but it is going well, struggling to keep track of the whole calorie counting, how do you know how much is in a broccoli ! It is not in a packet lol, maybe I need an app on my phone. However at least I am looking now, and making a concious decision about what I put in my body, really enjoying it, I am using a lot of herbs, organic parsley full of iron, raw garlic (the parsley helps with the breath too) and spices, turmeric is fantastic for mental health, sprinkle a little on scrambled egg x I am seriously feeling the lag of not being bloated, you are so right, for years I have mistaken bloating for feeling full. Anyway, thank you for you support and help, here is to even more progresion to a cleaner body x

    1. It’s less about counting calories really and more about eating lots of the right foods, like you have been! I have to watch how much protein I eat because of my training, that’s my main reason for using the app. But once you start eating the right stuff, weight just drops off! All of those herbs and spices are amazing for you! I think those old medicine doctors were on to something 🙂
      Glad I can help somebody! If you need anything else just let me know! X

      P.S by the time you’ve finished chewing the broccoli, you’ve most likely already burned off the calories ha!

  2. Floella · · Reply

    This doesn’t really make sense. You need to eat more carbs!

    1. Only before lunch time! 🙂

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