What I Ate Wednesday

Today is my first ever What I Ate Wednesday!

It’s actually quite difficult! Mostly because you have to remember to photograph everything you eat (which I didn’t think would be a problem!) but also because it highlights all of those ‘little snacks’ that you accept during the day that add up. But let’s face it, those calories don’t count right??
Unfortunately, they do…

Here’s what I ate:

I’m always in a rush after my morning training so breakfast is usually either something quick eaten in the car on the drive to work or something a can whip up when I get there.
Today it was:

  • Home made protein pancakes x 3
  • An Americano with a dash of cream


Usually pretty healthy and mostly pre-prepped so I’m not tempted by the yummy fast food joints around the office.
Today, I succumbed… (Kind of!)

  • Grilled chicken breast with salad and coleslaw
  • I did forget to ask without the dressing but luckily it was only a vinaigrette
  • And a couple of sweet potato fries (there’s that no calorie food!)


This is usually the time I get really lazy and cave to take aways sooo easily so it’s important that I get some thing knocked up before hand so I can relax with it straight after evening training!

  • Prawns, mushrooms and spinach on quinoa
  • Quinoa was already pre-cooked earlier in the week so all I had to do was stir fry the other ingredients in a little Thai red sauce and hey presto!


Here comes the naughty bit…

  • One fruity School Bar (picked up by the supermarket till!) which turns out only has about 8% real fruit…
  • Half a bag of dried mango
  • Roughly 8 or so mushroom sweeties that we’re floating around the office!
  • Greek yoghurt and honey (not so bad)

Obviously, I documented no evidence of these non calorie foods!

After my first What I Ate Wednesday it’s become clear that:

  1. Links to all my recipes would be great! (Coming soon)
  2. I need to be a little more structured with my meal prepping. The likelihood is that if the food I’ve prepped isn’t tasty, I’m probably not going to be interested in eating it. I’m a real foodie.
  3. I probably need to plan out 5 smaller meals a day so that I’m keeping my glucose levels constant and attempting to keep the sugar cravings away.

Any tips or idea for how to transition from 3 medium meals to 5 smallish ones then let me know!



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