If you drop your phone, do you stamp on it until it’s smashed to smithereens?

I read an amazing quote somewhere a while ago that went something along the lines of “Eating rubbish all day because you ate one unhealthy food at the beginning of your day is like accidentally dropping your phone and stamping on it until it’s smashed to pieces”.

It’s one of those things you read one time and think that’s great! Only, when you try to find it again… It’s no where to be seen! Maybe I made this one up myself? Well, if no-one else is going to claim it then I will!

Another good one is:

You have to find a mantra that works for you.
Mine? I train for life. Being a woman in this day and age can be a dangerous thing. With sexual allegations of all kinds jumping off the front pages of newspapers, it can’t help to be prepared. To be in a position to protect yourself. Nobody wants to be the victim, that’s fo’ sho’!

You will have good days and bad days. Days where you have loads of energy to get up and train and others where all you want to do is eat pizza (I’ve had one of those days)!

Nothing will ever be ‘perfect’. You will never have a ‘perfect’ time or moment. And you will always have trials in your life. If you slip and indulge in that slice of pizza (or eight…), then let it go and get right back on it in the next second. The only moment you really own is now. Not just a second ago or in 10 minutes time. Make your decision to try harder and move on.

Set mini goals every day:

  • Today I will only drink 1 cup of coffee or rather than my usual large vanilla latte – I’ll have it straight and black
  • I am going to cut down on my after dinner treat – treating myself once a week rather than once a day
  • I will keep a log of my exercise and introduce a heavier weight or extra cardio session in this week

Everyone’s are individual but if you makes these small changes, I guarantee before you know it they’ll be less of a change and more of a habit!

If you would like any direction or advice on where to begin, feel free to holler!



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