Labrada Lean Body Challenge

This week I am going to begin the Lean Body Challenge by Labrada.

I stumbled across this challenge whilst wasting time scrolling through my twitter feed and it looks pretty brilliant!

It’s free. You are provided with all of the materials you will need. And you receive weekly email updates with tips, tricks and motivation.
It can be difficult to stay 100% focused all the time whilst doing a very similar routine day in day out. Throwing something like this into the mix every now and then is great to reinvigorate your mind and body.

I’m quite lucky training at Storm Gym, the instructors are pretty hard going and make sure that everyone is pulling their weight. If the only workout you are able to fit in to your day are some circuits here and there or a quick run, the routine can become quite tedious.

This type of challenge is the perfect way to try something new with an entire community to support you. Albeit, a virtual community, it is all help and motivation none the less. Get updates through Facebook, Twitter and Forums.

The only downside for me is having to incorporate the weight training in this challenge along side my usual stuff. Good and bad thing about training at a martial arts gym, is the fact that it’s a little family. Don’t turn up or don’t work hard enough and you’ll know about it. They care 🙂

But, I’m going to try it out anyway!

I’ll be using MyFitnessPal to track my meals and progress. And I’ll be posting pictures and reviews here along the way.

Good luck if you decide to take part! If not, check back often to see how I’m getting on!



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