Tasty Treats, no cheats

Just so you are all aware and everybody is on the same page… Your mind is nuts.

When starting out (from the very beginning) on any healthy lifestyle journey, you will absolutely convince yourself that by sticking to your new routine, you are destined to be miserable and alone forever! Because when you look around the office or the shopping mall, there is definitely no-one else around snacking on nuts and seeds or crudités!

I can guarantee that those people rolling their eyes at you from across the room are nothing but envious! You have the will to begin what they are still only contemplating. And by sticking to it you are not only an inspiration to yourself but an illustration of how well hard work can pay off for others!

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating tasteless cubes of meat and plain veggies (even though these can be yummy). Even on a restrictive diet like Paleo or even the 5:2, you can still eat well and feel satisfied.

It can be hard to convince your mind that this is the case. A lot of the time when we embark on a new eating plan we restrict ourselves so much that we become bored and the routine becomes monotonous. And eating anything becomes a game of counting calories and beating ourselves up over technicalities.

The below recipe for my easy protein pancakes is here to combat these ideas!

This is an adaption of the recipe that I have posted previously.

Good Hemp Protein Pancackes

Makes 6 Pancakes

1 cup ground almond
2 scoops Good Hemp Protein (or another of your choice)
3 whole eggs
Dash of almond milk (I used roughly 100ml unsweetened kind)
Coconut oil (for pan)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl with a hand held whisk
Rub coconut oil over frying pan
Pour a small amount into pan at desired size
Wait for the mixture to begin bubbling on top and then flip to cook reverse
Once cooked on both sides plop in a bowl with toppings of your choice!
If you like yours a little sweeter, you might consider adding a touch of honey or vanilla extract…


Mine look a little dark in the picture. This is because I used 100% unflavoured Good Hemp protein. Takes some getting used to but has an unlimited amount of health benefits. Today I topped mine with sliced apple and almond butter. Although, surprisingly, I found them to be rather almond-y.

Other topping suggestions:
Greek yoghurt and a little honey (lots of protein!)
Sliced banana (sandwiched banana between two pancakes with a coffee, perfection!!)
A fiesta of succulent berries of any kind
Bacon (for something a little more savoury)

Remember guys, being good doesn’t necessarily mean tasting bland! Mix it up, there are hundreds of decent recipes out there to keep your crazy mind occupied. I promise to keep posting more here as and when.

Anything you would like me try out or any suggestions, feel free to get in contact!



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