It’s simple really

I know that a lot of the time, in order to eat clean or Paleo or healthy, you have to be really prepared and organised. I combat this by making sure that my cupboards are always stocked with easy cook basics. Eggs, fish, salad and vegetables!

Armed with these, some spices and my trusty steamer I’m never caught short.

My brunch today – scrambled eggs. May sound pretty boring but with a dash of cayenne pepper and cooked over a little coconut oil it’s transformed into a very quick and tasty, nutritious meal.


Cayenne pepper and coconut oil are two of the most nutritious foods.

Cayenne pepper can help speed up metabolism and suppress appetite with just half a teaspoon! It also boasts anti bacterial and pain relief properties.

Coconut oil is another easy access food that aids with a number of health properties. Not only will it help give you glossy hair and glowing skin (the important bits) but the medium chain triglycerides (GOOD saturated fatty acids to you and me) neutralise the bodies environment. Lowering cholesterol, aids digestion, strengthens the immune system and even has anti-bacterial properties.

Top tip! If you’re anything like me and have serious clumsy tendencies, rubbing some coconut oil into bruises helps speed up recovery by repairing damaged tissues. Amazing, I know…



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