Paleo January and beyond!!

Well, firstly I apologise for my lack of updates on the Paleo plan I followed throughout January!

It’s been a pretty hectic month but I can tell you that the results were pretty good! To put it in one line, all I can say is that my insides felt clean.

I felt light and and breezy (being light on your feet as a fighter is always a good thing!). I slept better and pretty much ate what ever I wanted (within remit of the diet of course). But that by no means meant that I didn’t get to enjoy the most amazing treats! A friend of mine at work posted the most delicious looking pictures of some Paleo treats on IG and was kind enough to send me the recipes.

I enjoyed frozen grapes, which absolutely taste like sweeties! And almond/protein pancakes, you can have these plain or you can top with berries, banana and even honey. I try to avoid sugar as much as possible so I only add a topping if I’m having these as a dessert but they make great pre/post training meals too! Raspberry muffins are another favourite of mine! Easy to make and totally nutritious.

If you’re used to baking with regular grain flours, working with almond and coconut flour instead will probably take some getting used to but it will be worth it. If you’re like me and appreciate all types of food, you’ll love it!

For me, the diet didn’t seem to restrictive. However this was mainly because I have already had to give up lots of the items that are considered bad. Coeliac Disease restricts your intake of most grains such as wheat, barley, rye, malt etc etc so the tough bit for me was mainly the dairy!! Oh, and the sugar…

I have to admit that I did have the odd treat, which mostly consisted of a coffee with cream at the local coffee shop with the boy. However, instead of having my usual GF brownie, I substituted in a couple of organic Brazil nuts. Surprisingly, I preferred it!

I’m planning on continuing this plan with some adaptions. I’m going to make a conscious effort to include more alkalising foods (the new foodie find that I am intrigued by!). Look out for some pictures and findings on this one.

Not looking forward to peeing on a litmus strip!

Have you tried the Paleo diet or any others similar? Let me know how you got on and tell us your tips and tricks!



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