30 Days of Paleo

A friend of mine at work recently told me that she had decided to take up the 30 day Paleo challenge and I have decide to join in!

After writing up my 2014 goals if figured what could be more fitting than an entire month of dedicated clean eating to kick it off.

For those that aren’t in the know; the Paleo diet (also known as the Caveman diet) is based on the foods that our ancestors would have eaten. Foods that our bodies are designed to be fuelled by and that we have evolved to consume.

Anything natural and not processed! If you can think of a food that remains in its natural state when consumed, the likelihood is you can eat it (with the exception of legumes – apparently these are poisonous!). Sugar, grains, dairy… OUT!

The above is a pretty simplistic view of the Paleo diet and there are many medical/scientific studies out there that can better explain the health benefits of the plan but for me it mostly comes down to common sense. If you pick up any particular food and there is something on the label you’re not even capable of pronouncing (never mind understanding!) you probably shouldn’t be eating it.

Over the next couple of weeks il be posting some interesting facts about the plan and also any changes/effects that it’s had on me personally.

One thing I can boast is that it’s only day 7 and I have dropped 2 lbs – let’s hope that stays steady over the remaining time!

If you fancy taking this challenge up yourself there are a number of good websites you can look to for reference and tips:




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