2014 Goals

The first day of 2014. Everyone is feeling fresh (I hope) and positive about their new years resolutions.

Rather than resolutions, I prefer to outline goals with a number of objectives to reach them.

The last couple of years have resulted in me achieving many of the things I wanted to do! Travelling, running a couple of marathons, raising money for charity, swimming with dolphins, wild camping, riding a horse again and loads more!

So this year will be no different! Here’s just some of the things I want to achieve in 2014 and ways I will go about getting there.

1. Run a Sub 4 Hour Marathon – Rome

So far I’ve run three marathons (Berlin, London and Chicago) with a PB of 4:40. It’s a big jump thinking about going from that time to 4 hours! I would usually agree, only the one thing that has held me back previously were injuries on the day! (If anyone has run this previously and has experience of working out the website, let me know!)

This time, to compliment my training, I will be totally reinvigorating my diet/nutrition as well as introducing a lot more strength training.

I will be adapting the speed training I do at the moment. I will begin running one mile a little faster than my target marathon pace and increase this on a daily basis. I will start with roughly 8:45 min/mile time and increase the distance.

On top of this I’ll include hill sprints (hugely helpful!). Recently, I’ve been doing these on the treadmill with my trainer at a speed of 9 mph incline 7 – it’s tough, but works wonders! We try to do between 5 and 10 1 minute sprints with a 1 minute rest period (sometimes this is active recovery… If the boss if feeling mean).

That’s pretty tough going but if you can do one and then two and then work your way up from there each day you’ll notice a big difference. That’s what I’m planning to do! It will feel like starting from scratch after taking some time off over Christmas…

2. Practice Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has always been an interest of mine but I live too far away from any particular establishment to take it up seriously.

This year I’m planning to ear mark a couple of weekends a month to do this.

Rock climbers are CRAZY strong!

3. Squat My Body Weight

This has come about from being obsessed with fighting fitness and Crossfit.

I’ve never been overly interested in weight training until this year when I started training at Storm Gym, a Muay Thai training gym. Being made to do push ups and squats with a bunch of guys can really highlight how pathetically weak you are!

My strength has increased but not as much as I would like. After seeing Massy, from MankoFit, squat a guy double her weight I decided the least I can do is squat my own body weight! This will help endlessly with my running and fighting goals.

4. Whale Watching

Something I have always wanted to do! I’d love to see some of those huge blue whales but I would settle for some killer ones…

After swimming with dolphins and seals in Australia, this has been a high priority on my list.

At the very least there is a place off the edge of Scotland that I will be able to get to pretty easily.

5. More Travelling

2013 has seen me travel to a couple of different countries but this year I’m hoping to be able to stay a little longer in some of the ones I have loved.

6. Survival Techniques

I absolutely love the idea of being self sufficient and living from the land. These days, however, this is almost totally impossible (especially in the UK).

I’ve had a couple of novice wild camping attempts, which have been hugely entertaining! In 2014, I’d like to take this a step further. I have a couple of books on survival that I’m going to stick my nose in to and cross reference these with some natural nutrition / foraging books I have.

I’ve looked into paying for a survival training trip previously but they can leave you out of pocket! Starting at around £300/400 for a weekend away the price can be pretty steep.

So, instead, I’m going to try and teach myself… Stay tuned!

That’s a list of my main ones so far this year (today!) but the great thing is, you don’t need another new year to add or adapt to your list!

Let me know what you guys have decided to do to make a difference in your lives this year!



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