Fitness Failure

This week has been horrendous for me! Ever since I gave up sugar and caffeine my body has been deteriorating. First a dry throat, then a stubborn cough to a full blown summer cold! I couldn’t believe it… I can’t say that I am convinced that it was entirely the result of the changes in my diet but I do think they helped facilitate the virus. J and I have recently been very busy with a couple of stressful events coming up one after another and it seems that the speedy pace of our current lifestyle stopped me in my tracks, literally. I have been bed ridden for 5 days, bored out of my mind! Suffice to say that the James Duigan plan was quickly replaced with a diet of lemsips and lockets! I’m very bad for not utilising the natural remedies that I’m aware of!

On the other hand J has been putting me to shame; greeting the Bannatynes staff every morning as they begin their early morning shifts! With a quick HIIT session and a selection of weights this week, he’s managed to get his training in whilst the rest of us are still snoring away. Ready and prepared for his day of activism ahead. I can only say that I am very pleased I don’t suffer from hayfever. If I hadn’t been able to enjoy the beautiful lilies that J has surprised me with it could definitely have been a whole lot worse!

This weeks meals will probably be pretty boring whilst I start to re-introduce solid foods back into my life but I have promised to post some more exciting recipes and nutritional facts so I will definitely make sure they come at some point this week. They’ll most probably be surrounding the preventative measures and  superfoods to help avoid illness in the future!

You can also look forward to a very interesting post from J on the benefits and difficulties of being a Vegetarian! Stay tuned!

Sneezing Funny Image

This has been me all week!


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