Week Three Review

I began the week starting with the James Duigan’s Clean & Lean 14 day eating plan. Day one was pretty hard and I became exhausted quite quickly. I was withdrawn and lacked concentration, forgot to put the handbrake on the car and was unsure whether it was my eyes playing up or the car rolling backwards! J soon made me aware of my little mishap!

Day two was even worse – It was as if I was a hard core sugar addict. Sugar consumed my mind all day and towards the evening I convinced myself that a small child’s size chocolate bar was fine, thats not cheating… A tough Muay Thai session soon cleared my mind and dusted the cravings away!

After the initial couple of days the sugar cravings subsided but I could have really done with a coffee. I was so tired I slept through my alarm 3 days in a row and zonked as soon as I reached my seat on the train. Couple this with an onset of a cold and you can imagine how wonderful I was feeling. But still I soldiered on right through to Friday evening when I was treated to a wonderful Mexican celebration meal for securing my new job! I felt so terrible still that we decided to have a mini treat day and teamed the mexican with a couple of cocktails and strawberries and yoghurt for dessert. A pretty restraint choice if I do say so myself!

Exercise has been pretty stagnant for me this week – one good run for us on Monday evening; I struggled through whilst typically J sailed beside me with barely a heavy breath at all and a Muay Thai session on Tuesday evening. Although sickness has had me bedridden for most evenings this week J has been getting in an early morning workout most days in order to take care of me when I return from work.

Week four will be beginning with an all styles mixed martial arts class first thing tomorrow morning, which I know is going to rob me of most my energy for the rest of the day!

It’s important to make sure that you rest your body when you come down with any kind of illness – this is usually your bodies way of making you take a time out when you haven’t been taking adequate care of yourself. It is also important to listen to your body to know when it is time to get back to it and sweat out the rest of your illness. If you take the time to really listen, your body will tell you everything you need to know.

Next week I am going to continue with the JD Clean & Lean meal plans and hope that I start to feel all the benefits he boasts on his website! I have considered continuing this until the end of the month seems as this week has been such a right off but I may need to make a few modifications to it. Like adding at least some fruit, berries most probably as they have the lowest GI.

This week we also finally managed to book our flights to Chicago! Absolutely can’t wait but definitely need to step up the training once this sickness dissipates!

Now that I am beginning to feel better I am hoping to post some more in depth information about our training schedule and also the nutritional value of my meals using www.myfitnesspal.com. Let me know if there is anything else in particular you would like to hear about! We are both open to suggestions 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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