Camping Clean Review

We have returned from the great wilderness, back on the grid and once again attached to our devices. We really needed the time away from “civilisation” to revitalise ourselves. I’d like to say that wild camping is very relaxing and easy but it’s far from it! Stretching your limits and pushing you to the brink of madness, especially if it rains all week and you are eaten alive by midges!

Although the plan was to stay in Scotland for the entire trip we were forced to travel back down to the Lake District halfway through because we seriously could not handle the bugs! We covered every part of our bodies to try and stay safe but they infiltrated everything!

Midges Protective Clothing

Fighting Midges since 2013

Dispite all of this we managed to stick to our clean food rations (bar the odd gluten free scone, when in the Lakes…) for the whole time.

  • 1kg Brown Rice
  • Protein bars – 2 each p/day
  • 1kg Lentils
  • Apples & Tangerines
  • 2kg Oats
  • Chopped Carrots & Celery
  • John West Tuna Twist x 8 (85g each)
  • Homemade Gluten Free Bread
  • Quorn – For the veggie 🙂
  • 350g Cheese
  • Tea & Coffee (of course)
  • A couple of BBQ’d burgers on the first night – these won’t last past one day hiking

Obviously we had water on top of this, lots of it. And we also took our Life Saver Bottle so we wouldn’t have to worry about lugging any extra weight when we went wandering. If you have never heard of one of these I seriously suggest you check it out and get yourself one asap. Basically, you can drink anything! However, I somehow still managed to dehydrate myself quite seriously! One of our days was spent lazing around due to my sickness. Dehydration robs your body of energy, makes you feel sickly and gives you a banging headache. Staying on top of your water intake everyday is so important, even more so if you happen to be hiking the hills of the highlands (or if you’re generally active in anyway). I personally drink between 3-5 litres depending on my activity levels and climate but anything above 2 litres is better than nothing. And that doesn’t include diet coke! Luckily by this point we were back in the Lakes so I was able to get a hold of some electrolyte tabs (Nuun) to help balance my mineral levels.

Nicola & Jamie Hiking

3 Stone Backpack = Dehydration

We began our 16 week Chicago marathon plan with daily 10 mile hikes. If you are thinking ‘that’s not so hard…’ imagine lunging with a 20kg sandbag on your back (The Storm Gym family will know our pain) whilst navigating yourselves with just an OS map and compass! Although, once we were in the Lakes we began reducing the weight in our backpacks. For the last two nights we based ourselves on a campsite so we could enjoy more of the sights without the pain. We stayed at the Castlerigg Farm Campsite, Keswick. A campsite that I would not readily recommend after paying 50p for a 3 1/2 minute shower! Although, the feeling of freshly washed hair after 4 days in the bushes is priceless!

So, now we are back and starting the hard training and serious nutritional fuelling (not dieting!). Jamie is away again for a few days enjoying some time with the boys and I can’t really be bothered to begin creative meal planning just yet so for the next 14 days I am going to be following James Duigan’s 14 day Clean & Lean eating plan. I have taken inspiration from this plan before but never followed it completely to a T so I will be posting pictures throughout and will review it at the end of the 14 days. This begins today so wish me luck! If anyone out there wants to join in with this plan and would like some support just drop me a line.

In the meantime here are some memories from our 2013 wild camping trip:

Glentrool, Scotland

Glentrool, Scotland

Derwentwater, Lake District

Derwentwater, Lake District

Lake District

Navigating The Hills

Jamie Lake District Navigation

Navigation Master

Lake District



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