Week One

So far this week we have had a recovery run, a full evening of meal preparation and to end we will be disappearing off into the wilderness for a week!

After the St Albans half marathon Jamie and I did something you are not really supposed to do, took roughly 5 days off training! This is not really recommended after a tough long run. When you run for an extended period of time you develop microscopic tears in your muscles which may sound pretty nasty but this is just the result of your muscles becoming stronger. Your body is easily able to heal this damage using its metabolic process, however this process is enhanced by blood flow stimulation so sitting on your butt doing nothing for days at a time may have the opposite effect to which you desire! Just like it did with us…

With the sweet aroma of coffee at the end of our Harpenden route Jamie and I laced up and headed out for a nice and slow 6.5 mile recovery, probably 3 or 4 days later than planned! Also, 6 and a half miles for a recovery is pretty long and we finished it pretty quickly. Reason being, we want to try and maintain our half marathon foundation to ease us in to the full marathon training schedule (We originally had an 11 mile run planned but thought better of it after we collapsed over the half finish line!). Any movement at all after a long run is better than nothing and is sometimes known as ‘active recovery’. Examples being swimming, cross training, cycling etc etc.

These shorter and slower runs plus a good ice bath or two will be your saviour when you are hardly able to walk!

Harpenden Route

Harpenden Route

Running Sights

Beautiful Sights Whilst Running


Food prepping this week was completed on Sunday evening – it can usually take a whole day! Luckily I only had a couple of days to prep for this week because Jamie will be prepping a whole other bunch of less perishable and easily transportable goodies! I will eventually start posting up some recipes here for you once I get time but for now my meals consisted of beef chilli with lots of broccoli and quinoa and protein pancakes made with non flavoured hemp protein powder. Nice and simple for last thing on a Sunday night.

Meal Prep Sunday


If you’ve never been wild camping before I honestly recommend it, if only for the experience of doing so once! All we shall be taking is two backpacks, probably 50L in size, a 2 man tent, basic food rations and some books! Settling in by the campfire with no sound of traffic or sirens or even another voice for miles is so profound. Just the sound of nature at it’s very basic. Although, it does take me a night or two to remind myself that there are no bears in the UK…

Camping preparations will start on Wednesday so look out for a recipe update on how to ‘camp clean’ very soon!


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